137 Ivy Vodka


Lumber’s Ivy Vodka is the first in a series of independently distilled vodkas designed and produced at the 137 Distillery on Bartholomew Street by landlord & master distiller, Pete Lumber.

Always striving for better, Pete continues to make improvements to the core range, and has now introduced this, the first Vodka in range, versatile and bar-friendly whilst still retaining the core principals close to his heart.

Every element of the 137 Distillery continues to be unique and personal, but for the Vodka range something more was needed. A new, 100% recycled bottle made in Italy has been introduced alongside a fitting yet distinctly different label which this time is embossed in silver tones.

70cl / 47% ABV

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Tasting notes

Nose: Unmistakeably 137 liquorice-like sweetness with grassy-green herbaceous notes.

Palate: Exceptionally smooth with a well-rounded creamy, almost vanilla-like, yet savoury mouthfeel. Multi-dimensional suiting both sweet and savoury cocktail serves, and equally neat.

Finish: An intentionally medium-length finish to allow you to savour the cleanness of the spirit that hold well, but not too bold in a variety of serves.

Versatility: Room temperature or from-the-freezer, our vodka offers something for every palate. Opt for a martini or Bloody Mary to appreciate the dry & savoury side, apple juice or a Passion for Cosmo to release the crisp, fruity freshness, or indulge in an espresso martini to really wake those vanilla-cocoa notes.

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