137 Queen Mother


It’s official – you loved it so much that we’ve yet another of our lockdown cocktails added to our permanent range!

For those that didn’t manage to lay their hands on one of these 500ML bottles of loveliness, this is yet another royal offering – The Queen Mother, made using our very own 137 Navy Royal Gin.

We were so inspired seeing the variety of cocktails using our new superior offering that we set about using our latest lockdown time well, and designed this pre-mixed cocktail fit for a Queen, or indeed the Queen Mother – both of which are well renowned for their liking of gin and Dubonnet.



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This cocktail was originally designed by Jake Burger at The Portobello Star, and as we’ve enjoyed so much revisiting Dubonnet, giving this one a go with our own gin was a must.

Using the Difford’s guide recommendation of an overproof dark rum, this rich concoction of Navy Royal, Dubonnet, Aperol and overproof rum this drink makes for a great alternative to a Negroni.

The rum adds good complexity to the overall serve, and the fruity burst of bittersweet orange in the Aperol makes a less intense bitterness than its closest relation, Campari.

Weighing in at 31.8% ABV this is not one to miss out on, head over to the link in our bio to lay your hands on one now.



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